Design Philosophy

Quality Solid Wood

Every good guitar starts with good wood.  I’m privileged to live in Iowa where we have access to some great tone woods right in our back yard.  Ask me about building a guitar from wood all harvested in Iowa, or ask about woods from other states or sustainably from other countries.

Essential Building

I omit many traditional endpoints like inlay, binding, and even rosettes as I believe these act more like dampers that inhibit the wood from transferring sound energy well.  It also makes my guitars look uniquely extravagant with the natural beauty of the wood shining through. 


I use a shellac that I mix from granules myself to ensure a finish that will bring out the natural beauty of the wood and not be too heavy and impede the wood vibrating.

Hot Hide Glue

I use hot hide glue that I also mix myself from granule form.  It dries rock hard and allows for better energy transfer than regular wood glue.  It takes more time and effort to build this way, but as you’ll notice it’s worth it.

Hot Hide glue in granular form

Custom Slotted Pins

I custom slot each bridge pin to match the diameter of the string so it is kept tight at the bridge for better tone.  My pins also keep the ball ends of the string in a uniform direction increasing contact with the bride plate for better energy transfer as well as reduced wear on the bridge plate.